(Remember to click on the game to give it focus if controls are not working)


Keyboard arrows | WASD = Gameboy D-Pad
Keyboard B = Gameboy B
Keyboard N = Gameboy A
Keyboard Enter = Gameboy Start
Keyboard Space = Gameboy Select
Keyboard C = Change color mode


Move your boat left/right to catch the falling bears. Touch the docks on the sides of the screens to leave the bears. Use the correct dock based on the color of the bears. Leave several bears at the same time to get more points.


Please note that, as stated at the end of each round, the bears that fall to the river swim safely back home. You're not supposed to catch them all! So don't stress about it. ;) Also, in real life, don't try to separate bears by their color. Instead, for your health's sake, I heartily recommend you separate yourself from them! :)


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Self contained, nicely polished and extra cute.
And, how can we possibly not love bears? :P

Just 2 little issues:

1 - on my ergo keyb B and N are split apart from the spacebar

2 - when entering your initials looks like there's a little cooldown (?) if you tap up/down too fast when changing letters (maybe Unity considers that as double-tap?)

Those bears definitely love jumping all at once with 0% chance to be saved! :D

Loved the water wave visual effect!

man, this is a really good looking game, and the nice touches like the tutorial and the water movement when a bear isn’t caught (dies lol?) are brilliant. this is a contender for sure for #GBJAM8


No, they swim, I swear! Actually my partner told me that probably they would be safer falling in the water than hitting the boat xD

Thanks for playing! :)