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Self contained, nicely polished and extra cute.
And, how can we possibly not love bears? :P

Just 2 little issues:

1 - on my ergo keyb B and N are split apart from the spacebar

2 - when entering your initials looks like there's a little cooldown (?) if you tap up/down too fast when changing letters (maybe Unity considers that as double-tap?)

Those bears definitely love jumping all at once with 0% chance to be saved! :D

Loved the water wave visual effect!

man, this is a really good looking game, and the nice touches like the tutorial and the water movement when a bear isn’t caught (dies lol?) are brilliant. this is a contender for sure for #GBJAM8


No, they swim, I swear! Actually my partner told me that probably they would be safer falling in the water than hitting the boat xD

Thanks for playing! :)